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I’m not sure if you’ve seen this yet or not…but autism parents are now able to connect with the best resources and autism experts.


There are two ways to become educated in autism…

First, we’ve got learner #1: Supermom Cindy, the Effective Learner. Cindy takes quality information directly from experts. AUTISM ADVOCATE Parenting Magazine is the most affordable way to access the expert advice from world-renowned autism professionals. Sure, Cindy could search out the best Doctors, researchers and professionals herself, or scour hundreds of published research articles, but this would cost valuable time. Cindy could attend conferences, which are a reputable source of expert information, except they are only held certain times of the year, they can be costly, and childcare can be complicated.

With AAPM, Cindy receives expert knowledge and information from world-renowned autism experts. It is delivered right to her inbox each month. She is giving herself quality education for less time and money.

Then, there is learner #2: All-over-the-place Amanda, the Scattered Learner. Amanda has the best intentions but does not know where to find quality information. She spends hours searching the internet and scrolling social media. Some information is too difficult to understand and other information has questionable sources. She ends up tired and relying solely on local resources and professionals for support. While these professionals are valuable and helpful, her exposure to the top autism doctors and experts is limited. This spirals into more wasted time searching for answers.



So where do you go from here?


+ You don’t want to spend your valuable time randomly. You want to focus the little time you have on educating yourself with quality and relevant information. The concept of someone doing the work for you sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

+ You aren’t sure what information you are missing. You either don’t know where to look or you don’t trust the information you are accessing. You feel like there might be solutions above and beyond the help that you are currently receiving.

+ You’re drowning in your busy life – the appointments, the therapies, searching for answers, etc. You feel discouraged that you’re not getting the information and the help you need for your situation.

+ You feel like you are not qualified to handle your child’s challenges. You don’t always feel present or engaged. You are tired, confused, and on a rollercoaster of emotions and you’re ready to feel more in control.

+ You’re ready to make progress and take action and you want to learn from the best sources.

+ Scale back the time you spend searching the internet for information on how best to help your child?

+ Be confident that you are giving your child the best resources possible?

+ Access relevant, current and expert information that can serve you and your child?

I’m Jenny, the Executive Director of the magazine. On our team we have autism parent advocates, enthusiastic volunteers, and autistic individuals who work together to provide autism parents the support they need to raise a child on the spectrum. We are passionate individuals who all have a connection to autism, and know the importance of providing parents with quality resources. For our own journeys, we wanted to connect with the autism experts, doctors, researchers and professionals. We did not want to be restricted by our local resources. So we did it! We accessed experts from around the world and we want to share their knowledge, their research, their resources, and their inspiring stories with you.

Right now we are connecting with autism experts from around the world.

AUTISM ADVOCATE Parenting Magazine is dedicated to sharing knowledge and actionable advice with you!


No more mindless scrolling.

No more wondering if you have the best resources for your child.

No more wondering how to get started or where to look for answers.

So how did we connect with Autism Experts globally and access their knowledge and expertise?

Our team reached out to each expert and shared our vision of connecting families from around the world with international autism experts. They shared our excitement for putting expert advice and current research in the hands of parents, like you.

Here’s what they had to say:

“I am delighted to see that you are focused on advocating for this underserved community.”

“I am very impressed with the depth of your coverage and your design.”

“Congratulations on launching this. It is sorely needed.”

Autism experts are eager to share their knowledge. They have dedicated their lives to serving the autism community. Most have personal stories and connections with autism and their passion runs deep in helping individuals on the spectrum.

From the very beginning, it has been our mission to connect parents to autism experts from around the world. Since we are parents in search of the best information for our children, we know that having the most current and meaningful resources is important.

Our core belief at AUTISM ADVOCATE Parenting Magazine is that parents care the most about their children, have the greatest interest in their child’s progression and potential, spend the most time with their children, yet have the least access to the best resources

Autism education is extremely important, but there is a whole ocean of information and sometimes it is difficult to identify what is relevant and meaningful. AUTISM ADVOCATE Parenting Magazine has done the legwork for you. We take the time to find the best information, so that you can do what’s most important – spend time learning, implementing new strategies and growing with your child. We give you the best of both worlds – more time and better resources.

It is completely possible for you to access the best autism information!


A Power-Packed Magazine that will transform the way you learn about autism. We give you access to quality autism information, current autism research, inspiring stories, and valuable printable resources. 

AUTISM ADVOCATE Parenting Magazine

Here are some of the things we cover inside the magazine:

Expert Advice

+ Autism experts from around the world share their knowledge and expertise. They will keep you informed about the latest therapies, treatments, diagnostic tools, nutritional plans and more.

Current Research

+ We present the latest research in the field of autism. We share current research in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

Printable Resources

+ We provide printable resources, guides and tools that will help you support your child.

Parent Advocating

+ Our children are extraordinary and have unlimited potential. We want to join you on your journey and share stories of hope, advocacy and inspiration.


AUTISM ADVOCATE Parenting Magazine provides an incredible amount of expert information on a variety of autism topics.


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Here are some frequently asked questions…


AAPM is designed in a way that is not only informative but is easy to understand. As a new autism parent you want to educate yourself with all the options available so that you can effectively ask questions to your support team. The sooner you start learning about the different aspects of autism, the sooner you will be able to best support your child with the right tools.

AAPM is a digital magazine. This allows us to keep the price point low and also allows us to reduce our ecological footprint.

If you choose the Annual Subscription, your subscription will automatically renew annually.

If you choose the Monthly Subscription, your subscription will automatically renew on the 1st of every month.

The magazine is not a scientific journal; however we do include articles summarizing current autism research applicable to families. Articles from experts and Doctors, as well as Research Reviews, are written in a way that parents can understand and take action. 

Local Doctors and Autism Professionals are wonderful. However, our goal is to expose parents and caregivers to professionals in the field of autism from all over the world. Knowledge is power and many of the experts have spent decades working in their area of expertise, rather than general practice. They have invaluable advice to share. Their advice empowers you as a parent to ask the right questions to your local autism support team.

You don’t know what you don’t know. It’s important to know what resources are available to help your family, but if you only hear from your local team, how do you know if you are missing any information? It’s important to know what’s available to serve your family and it’s important to stay updated with current autism information.

We guarantee it! No matter where you live it can be hard to connect with international autism experts at a reasonable cost. In addition, autism research and resources are constantly changing. Our magazine and the articles written by the experts will keep you updated with the most important autism information available in this ever-changing world. We know you will learn something new in every issue.

AAPM contains articles addressing the full range of the spectrum and from birth to early adulthood. There are definitely articles that can provide important information to a parent raising a teen on the spectrum.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan said it best in one of our interviews with him. He said, “Take one hour a week to learn more about autism and before you know it, you will be an expert in many areas of autism.” As you spend small amounts of time each week learning from our magazine, you will slowly be able to incorporate the information that is relevant to your family. This information will also empower you to do further research into the topics that interest you, and to ask the right questions to your autism support team. 

We provide a wide range of information applicable to raising a child on the spectrum. As parents, we know the questions that most autism parents are asking. We also take the time to research and understand the challenges for all parents, of all ages, and ranges of abilities on the spectrum. If you do not find an answer you are looking for in our magazine, please email us and we will seek out the autism expert that can help you with your specific situation.

Yes, as a monthly subscriber, the subscription payment will be made on the 1st of every month. As an annual subscriber, the subscription payment will be made once per year.

AAPM contains articles addressing all aspects of autism from birth to early adulthood.

You know your child best. Without even being able to write the reasons down, parents often know instinctively which therapies would be most successful for their child. Listen to yourself and when something sounds like it makes sense for you, your child and your circumstance, seek further information and guidance.

Yes, we have individuals with autism who write articles for the magazine. We have independent contractors with autism who work for the magazine and we have individuals with autism who help guide and direct the magazine’s content.

Now that you have the scoop, we’d love to have you in our community. We want to help you access the best information. As a parent we know the value of having quality resources!

Behind every young child who believes, 

is a parent who believed first.

-Matthew Jacobson

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