Expert Advice

Autism experts from around the world share their knowledge and expertise.

Welcome to the second in a series of four blog posts that will outline what you can expect in every issue of Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine. We have organized the magazine into four categories to serve our parenting community.

  1. Current Research
  2. Expert Advice
  3. Resources
  4. Parent Advocating

Today we’ll discuss “Expert Advice.” This topic includes every contribution we receive from experts in the field of autism.

We work closely with doctors, therapists, specialists, and professionals in the field of autism. We bring you their latest work, research and experiences. By sharing their work with you, we will keep you informed about the latest therapies, treatments, diagnostic tools, nutrition plans and more.

When we set out to launch this magazine, we were unsure of how the doctors and experts would respond. We were amazed by the support and excitement that our contributors showed for our publication. Our firm commitment is to deliver a magazine that can connect autism families like yours with the valuable work of experts in the field. We are grateful to our contributors. If you love the articles and information they’ve provided, we hope you will use them to take the next step and put them into action.