Parent Advocating

Oarent Advocating

This post addresses “Parent Advocating.” This is where we hear from people just like you! Perhaps we will hear from YOU! Yes, you!



This post is all about “Resources for Autism Support.” As a parent of a child on the spectrum, I didn’t just want to read about information, I wanted…

Expert Advice

Expert Advice

Welcome to the second in a series of four blog posts that will outline what you can expect in every issue of Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine. We have organized the magazine into four categories to serve our parent population.

Current Research

Curernt Research

Let’s start at the beginning – current research in autism. Our research team scours the peer-reviewed journals in the field of autism to find out what is happening on the cutting edge of autism research.

Let’s get started!

Autism family support - empowering parents

This post marks the official beginning of Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine’s journey. We’re glad you’ve joined us.

We’ve been hard at work reaching out to doctors, professionals, therapists, advocates and autism parents to help bring their knowledge and expertise to YOU.